Katie F. Baker

by Alison Rush

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Written for a foxy lady, dropper of knowledge, baller, legal scholar, and all-around badass I know.


Droppin' knowledge all day, hitting bars all night
Yeah, cause Katie Baker never met a bar she didn’t like
See her rolling through Bethesda in a new Alfa Romeo
When she ride, she ridin dirty, when she dance it’s like Rodeo
Yeah she fly, yeah she hot, yeah she calls her soda “pop”
She’s like a can of Pringles cause I never wanna stop
She’s delicious, she’s nutricious and ain’t nothing gonna shake her
You looking at these goodies? I got them from the Baker

She a baller legal scholar yeah she laying down the law
Doesn’t hurt that she’s the cutest thing I ever saw
Killer smile stay a while don’t you ever set me free
Stay a little longer mama lay it down on me

If you’ll be my mermaid, baby, I could be your porpoise
Cause I wanna habeas that corpus

Never knew you'd be
Just what you are to me
Come on, my sweetest friend
We're in it to the end

C2? Like a G6
2, 4, 6, 8, school me mama it till it clicks
Break it down to the fundamentals
From phonics to the Constitution to the Transcendentalists
Mind like a jewel grammar rules she too cool
The way she dropping knowledge makes me wanna stay after school
She’s got the essay and the grammar section and the reading comprehension
And her eyes, yeah her eyes got me longing for detention

All my drinkers in the house (yeah!)
She can drink you under the table
All my straight girls in the house (yeah!)
She will jeopardize your labels
I don’t know how she does it, but you know I’ve always wondered
Yeah, that’s right, Alex: I’ll take Katie for $200

Never knew you'd be
Just what you are to me
Come on, my sweetest friend
We're in it to the end


released January 31, 2013




Alison Rush California

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